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Say Goodbye to your Plantar Warts

Say Goodbye to your Plantar Warts



Author: Virginia Pipolini

Plantar warts is an unsightly virus that grows on the feet, either on the sole or toes. Even though its typically harmless, it should be treated to avoid spreading the virus. It can be uncomfortable as well. You may not know that you have plantar warts.

It is believed that seven to ten percent of our population has plantar warts. Believe me, it is very contagious. You can pick up the virus at the pool, showers, or any walking surface. This pesky little virus can survive for months without a foot to grow on.

You may not recognize your plantar wart. It could appear to be just a patch of dry hard skin, but deeper in the skin you likely have a plantar wart. It takes several weeks for the growth of plantar warts to become visible.

There are many types of non genital warts. Plantar warts can be spread to other parts of the body as well. One demonstration is in clusters known as mosaic warts.

What can you do once you have plantar warts? Most go untreated. Sometime the immune system kicks in and clears the virus. There is no vaccine for this virus. The best treatment is prevention. Proper cleaning of walking surfaces can clear those surfaces of the virus.

One of the many treatments used for plantar warts is miracle mineral solution, or MMS. The base of 28% sodium chlorite is mixed with an activator and applied directly to the skin. Many have reported success in using this inexpensive treatment, with the wart flaking away after about a week.

You can use MMS for other skin conditions as well, like rashes and acne. It has been used as an insect repellent as well, and is safe to use. It does not harm healthy skin or tissue. Some state that leaving the MMS solution on the skin is irritating. If that is the case you can rinse the skin after allowing 30 to 60 seconds for the solution to do its work

You can use MMS in a spray bottle to help clean surfaces of viruses and bacteria like the plantar wart virus. In fact, sodium chlorite has been used for many years as one of the best water purifiers. A clean environment and a week of treatment can help you eradicate the plantar virus from your home.

Virginia Pipolini offers tips and ideas for healthy living. Warts can be healed with simple treatments such as miracle mineral solution.



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