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Different Ways To Remove Your Warts

Different Ways To Remove Your Warts

Author: Bart Icles

If you have warts, you already know how important wart removal really is. Wart removal techniques can be classified in several different ways. First, there are treatment methods that are performed only in the office of a dermatologist and then there are therapies that can be done in the comfort of your own home.


There are certain drugs that you can obtain to aid your wart removal process, but they can only be obtained by a medical prescription. There are some that are actually over the counter and that work quite well. If you result to professional techniques that are either going to be surgically removed or removed by creams or ointments.

Laser surgery is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to remove a wart. This method is one of the best methods because it tends to minimize scarring. You should know that with this type of surgery, you may have to repeat the procedure several times to completely rid yourself of the wart.

One really old method of removing warts is known as the duct take method. The duct tape wart removal technique is just about what it sounds like. This is where your wart is covered by duct tape for six days. After the sixth day, an individual will remove the tape and clean the area with a pumice stone. This process has to be repeated for about six weeks to see any results. Even though this requires a longer period of time than others, individuals prefer it over surgical procedures because it doesnt cause any pain at all.

Often, dermatologists will use acids to remove warts from an individual. Salicylic and squaric acid are the most popular acids used today by doctors. The concentration of the acid itself plays a huge role in the removal process and should be increased gradually over the treatment period. Your dermatologist needs to be very careful not to get any acid anywhere else than the affected area of the skin.

Individuals who struggle with wart problems are recommended to pick only one of the wart removal methods so they can get rid of their warts much faster. Your health care provider should be able to take a look at your warts and your situation and tell you exactly what solution will work best for you. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when considering a treatment.

If you consult your doctor, follow the guidelines that they give you, you can be wart free in no time.

Warts can be down right annoying, not to mention painful depending where they are on your body. These are two reasons why wart removal is getting more popular every day. Visit No-Moles.com for more information about wart removal, home removal skin tags and mole removal.



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