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Using Home Remedy for Wart Problems

Using Home Remedy for Wart Problems

Author: Anthony Galz


There are many ways of removing warts and using household items as an effective home remedy for wart is one of them. Here are a few home remedy for wart that might work for you. Just be sure to get your doctor\'s advice should come first. Don\'t play with fire unless you want to get burned.

One of the most effective, albeit quaint home remedy for wart is the use of duct tape. Formally known as duct tape occlusion therapy, what this home remedy apparently does is irritate the area affected by the wart and forces your immune system respond and attack the wart and the Human Papillomavirus (that causes warts to grow). To apply this home remedy for wart, place a piece of duct tape (or medical tape, as an alternative), covering the wart. Do this regularly, for a week or so.

Effective medical techniques for getting rid of wart may be duplicated using homemade items, or over the counter medications. Two of the most effective surgical procedures to kill and clear away your warts are cryosurgery and cauterization. Cryosurgery involves freezing the area affected by the wart and destroy the infected cells. Cauterization, on the other hand burns, or cauterizes, the wart and the infection.

You can get cryo kits over the counter or even make one yourself. Simply get a can of compressed air, turn it upside down and use it to freeze the soft end of a cotton swab, or a piece of cotton. This will take only five or six seconds for the cotton swab to freeze. After freezing the swab, place it directly on the wart for up to seven seconds only. You will feel a kind of numbness and prickling, so be careful. Do this for a several times a day, for up to two to three weeks. Between treatments, keep the affected area clean and dry. You can try this cryo therapy easily, but never ever try duplicating cauterization as a home remedy for wart growth. Try using salicylic acid and silver nitrate-based medications, instead of DIY-ing a cauterizing home remedy for wart growth. They act in the same way by burning and killing the wart growth.

Other home remedies include using common kitchen and household items. Several kitchen materials may be used as a home remedy for wart growth. Bruised garlic, banana skin, and unskinned potatoes may be used. Simply place pieces of these items directly on top of the wart and hold it in place with duct tape or medical tape. Vinegar, hot water and washing liquid, or salt, are useable items for home remedy for wart problems as well. Instructions for any of these home remedies may differ with individual use.

Extra care should be taken, especially when trying to determine how long a particular home remedy for wart should stay at a time. And because these home remedies often work differently for different people, get advice as to how you long you should apply the particular home remedy you are using. Some household remedies are potentially dangerous. Garlic can burn the skin around the affected area if left for too long. Incense is sometimes used in Asian countries to burn off warts. If you\'re using the wrong kind of salicylic acid solution, get ready to dial 911.

Although these home remedies for warts may be effective, keep in mind that these may have its dangers and risks. Some home remedies can be very painful, and could lead to infection and permanent scarring. Because there are no laboratory tests made to support most household remedies, it is difficult to know whether the warts disappear because the remedies work, or if they disappear because your own immune system is more than capable of killing the wart and fighting off the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

This is one fact you should consider. Any home remedy for wart problems can clear them off, but there is no guarantee that it won\'t grow back. Your immune system is your best home remedy for wart growth and viral attack. So while you\'re continuing treatment with your preferred home remedy, maintain healthy body and a strong immune system. This is THE best and most effective home remedy for wart problems.

Safety comes first! Be sure you are using the right home remedy for wart problems. Learn more about wart removal now.



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