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Why Does My Wart Keep Coming Back?

Why Does My Wart Keep Coming Back?

Author: Walt Sanberg


A wart is a skin growth that is caused when a virus penetrates an area of broken skin or through direct contact through someone else that is infected. There are two ways you can be infected through direct contact and indirect contact. Many different types of exist and can infect you such as planters, genital, facial warts, etc..Cluster warts and planters warts are more difficult to remove because they often regrow and come back on the skin.

If you are infected with a wart or warts, then you will want to remove them because they are often disgusting to look at. Dermatologists offer natural methods to help you remove warts as well as pharmaceuticals you can take to get rid of your warts. Many of these type of products can be found in the supermarket and drug stores. Wart remedies are often easy to do at home but if you would like the help of another try a dermatologist and they can assist you. For many wart remedies you will see immediate improvement others take a longer period of time to completely remove the wart. This is often true in the case of planters warts and cluster warts because they are more difficult to remove permanently.

Dermatologist can even do surgery to remove the wart if the case is severe and needs serious medical attention. Some dermatologist will use a freezing method or laser treatment to remove the wart, while some may prescribe simple home remedies. Whatever the treatment you choose and do to remove your wart, if it is not treated properly, it will always come back.

Over time some common warts will disappear on their own. A lot of that depends on how you take care of your body. It is a lot more difficult for viruses to penetrate your body if you keep it clean and hygienic. You have a lower chance of being infected by a wart virus even with direct contact if you wash your hands and body often. Washing your hands often, will hinder a virus from being able to infect you, even if you have been outside for a while. If you do not make it a habit of washing your hands often then this often leads to many wart self-infections.

Another important thing is the proper and healthy eating habit. If you regularly maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, you would keep your resistance strong and active. Healthy foods would provide your body the right vitamins and minerals for a strong and intact immune system. Strong immune system would fight by itself the bacteria and virus that may infect your body. Antibodies have the ability to block and kill the virus common in the environment.

Making your immune system strong will be a great benefit if you struggle with getting rid of warts. Take care of your body by eating nutritious foods and keeping good personal hygiene and your skin will be more likely to look healthy. If you do not take care of your personal hygiene and have a nutritious diet then warts will occur.

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