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Skin Tag Removal - What Should You Know

Skin Tag Removal - What Should You Know

Author: Bart Icles

Skin tag removal is most often performed in a dermatologists office or by your family doctor at their office or clinic. On the flip side, individuals might choose to use a do it yourself treatment that you can find at a local pharmacy. To the average individual, you might think that this is your only option when it comes to removal of skin tags. But, there are individuals today who have come to learn about the benefits of using natural remedies to remove their skin tags in the comfort of their own homes.


If you are a healthy individual and dont have any allergies to drugs, you would probably be prescribed over the counter medications to take care of your skin tags. You might already know that these types of medication can produce side effects that can either produce short or long term repercussions. Sometimes there are harmful elements in the medications that could lead to complications or skin rashes.

If you opt to have your skin tags surgically removed, you have a few options to choose from. The first method that is actually one of my favorites is removal by cyrotherapy. This is basically freezing the tag off. This method can also be used to remove other skin growths like moles and warts.

The second method is by cauterization, also known as burning the skin tag off with electric currents. One down size to this method is that you are putting your healthy skin at risk of being burned and damaged when removing the skin tag.

Other methods of removing skin tags is by cutting them out with a scalpel or scissors. These methods can be extremely painful especially if you have multiple skin tags to remove. Even if you are numbed by some topical ointment or have some anesthesia administered to you, you can sometimes still feel pain and discomfort during the process. The biggest downfall of this method is that scarring is possible.

Any form of in office or clinical skin tag removal offers no guarantee that the tags will not return. This is why people are starting to look for other ways to remove skin tags in a safe and affordable manner. They are searching for a way to remove their skin tags and have it be permanent instead of waiting to see if they return. Natural cures that are administered within your home are starting to pop up all over the place and are looking to be pretty good at removing skin tags and keeping them away. If you are in need of skin tag removal, you need to weigh all your options before deciding on a treatment.

Moles can be pretty annoying and sometimes painful. These are two reasons why home removal of skin tags is getting more popular every day. Visit No-Moles.com for more information about skin tag removal, home mole removal and wart removal.



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