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Hand Wart- Learning to Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Hand Wart- Learning to Keep Your Hands to Yourself


Author: Rashel Dan

Hand wart is itchy. It\'s an irritating burden to, literally, have on your hands. Don\'t wait till you catch it. Read on and know more about how you can avoid getting your hands into a mess like this (pun intended).

Being in direct skin to skin contact with a person with hand wart can give you hand warts. You can also catch hand wart from using towels or clothing and other personal items recently used by another person infected with hand wart. Beware of communal areas and public places like the gym and the gym shower room, the areas around the public pool, among others. A warm and moist environment is the ideal environment for hand wart to spread, be careful when you do visit these places.

To reduce the risk that you, or other people around you, will catch hand wart, follow these tips:

- Avoid doing your own grooming habits like brushing, combing or shaving in areas where you know hand wart may be. You may get infected, or carry the hand wart infection with you out of that area.

- Borrowing is officially a no-no. Do not share socks, shoes, razors, nail cutters and files, hand towels, or towels and other articles of clothing with other people in the risk of catching a hand wart infection from any of these items. Most hand wart symptoms are externally visible, but other symptoms are notoriously small and inconspicuous as to be nearly invisible. It\'s better safe than sorry.

- Avoid touching anything in communal places like the gym, in public showers, at areas around pools, and in restrooms and toilets, locker rooms and waiting areas. Wear shoes or sandals in these places to avoid catching hand wart. Avoid warm, moist areas in these places; those are ideal for the hand wart infection to multiply and spread.

- Do not touch any wart on anyone else\'s hands. Touching it even so slightly can infect you. Do not be tempted by your curiosity to ask to touch your friend\'s hand wart. That\'s a disgusting and embarrassing thing to ask of someone who may be humiliated by his or her wart infection. Don\'t make the situation even worse by asking to see his or her hand wart and then touching it.

- Always keep your hands clean and dry since hand wart can spread more easily when your hands are wet and come in contact with an infected person, or an area where hand wart may be. Dry your hands well so you can reduce the chances of catching hand wart (remember to use your own towel). If you have sweaty hands, carry a handkerchief -- and if possible, talcum powder.

- As much as possible, try to take care of your hands and avoid injuring especially the palms. Hand wart grows and spreads more easily when you have a wound, or even small scratches that break the skin.

The hand wart is caused by a viral infection called the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). It is a skin infection so common nearly forty percent of all people have caught it at one point or another. There are many subtypes of the HPV virus and all of these are highly contagious. Your hand wart, in particular, is caused by one or two of these viral strains.

As far as health and infections are concerned, the prevention is still the best cure and the only way to prevent hand warts from occurring is to maintain good hygiene. This will, in turn, develop your immune system. It is your can that resist the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), so take care of your health, and don\'t stick your hands just about anywhere.

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