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Genital Warts- Treatment That Works

Genital Warts- Treatment That Works

Genital Warts: Treatment That Works

Author: Lindelwa Maseko


A worrying aspect of sexual health in recent years is genital warts which can grow in and around male and female sex organs; these can form into ugly groups that can even affect the anal area. This is an easily transmitted for of the human papillomavirus found in other more common varieties with the exception that this form is just as readily transmitted orally. The problem comes when you try to prevent contracting them as in the case of female genital warts, the woman may have them internally and unless she has recently undergone an examination, she may not know they are there; even using a condom is not guaranteed to stop the spread.

Just to compound the problem, there is no reason why once infected a person is infected, they do not have to show signs straight away and the virus may not activate for months, even longer.Nevertheless, once infection has occurred, the virus has a new host and the disease gets spread even more. There is large number of viruses, over one hundred in fact but it is the HPV6 strain that is responsible for ano-genital warts. Most warts are discovered quite early on in their development but a woman may have to wait until she has a routine gynecological examination if they are located in her cervix.

In the area near the genital warts growth, can be damper and women may have more discharge because the genital area is moist and warm, the HPV virus multiplies there very fast once they start to develop. Liquid nitrogen is still the method of choice for wart removal for doctors and dermatologists as the very cold temperature destroys the skin and tissue but it normally takes more than one treatment. Removal by liquid nitrogen is quite painless but even so it is not always possible to use this process owing to the area to be treated.

Two other methods which require professional medical attention is the use of electro-cautery or the emerging laser wart removal process. All the treatments depend upon the location of the infection and even after they are removed, there is no guarantee they will not come up again. A self administering treatment called imiquimod is designed to help the person\'s immune system fight the genital warts but this cannot destroy the virus and there are no guarantees more will not form even though it is being applied.

It is best to get a doctors consent to use imiquimod as it cannot be used in every circumstance including pregnancy. It also can\'t be used inside the genitals or inside the vagina nor on inflamed skin. Imiquimod can cause some unpleasant side effects which need to be watched for including blisters, aches all over the body, coughs and it can cause the genitals to itch but a doctor can provide more information abut this.

As with any information based on a medical problem, full information and options on genital warts should ideally be sought from a physician as this article is for general background only.

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