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Cost Of Mole Removal

The cost of mole removal will depend on whether the mole removal is a necessity or seen as a cosmetic problem. If you have a mole that you are born with and bothers your appearance, you may get the insurance company to cover the cost of mole removal for you if you can prove that it is interfering with you psychologically. For the most part, the cost of mole removal from a dermatologist for a non dangerous mole that is removed purely for cosmetic reasons is more costly and less likely to be covered by insurance than a mole that looks suspicious. Because of the rise in skin cancers, particularly Melanoma, dermatologists are not taking any chances with atypical moles.


If you have a mole that you feel that should be removed, you should make sure that the insurance company will cover the cost. You should also seek out the advice of your family doctor who may refer you to a dermatologist or, depending on the mole, a plastic surgeon.

In most cases, the cost of mole removal for cosmetic moles is greater than those for atypical moles that are removed by a dermatologist. This is because of the insurance coverage factor. A mole that is seen to be a potential life threatening danger is considered a necessity and will most likely be covered by insurance. A mole that is just a cosmetic problem will be most likely removed by lasers by a plastic surgeon and unless you can prove to your insurance company that it is interfering with your life, you may have to pay out of pocket. This can cost several thousands of dollars. If you want to get the insurance company to pay for the mole, you should ask to be referred to a psychiatrist and talk about how the mole is affecting your life in an adverse way. You may get them to recommend removal of the mole and have this procedure covered by your insurance company.

If the mole is being removed because it is seen as a danger, then it is usually removed right in the doctor's office by a dermatologist who will use a punch biopsy. He or she will then send it to a lab for study to see if there are any cancer cells in the mole. While skin cancer is very common, Melanoma is the only skin cancer that can be life threatening. It is very common for older people to get other types of skin cancer that is not life threatening but is still removed by a dermatologist. Again, in most cases, insurance will cover the cost of the mole removal.

If you have no insurance, you will have to either pay for the cost of mole removal out of pocket or go to a clinic or county hospital where they can remove the mole from you. This may entail a waiting period, depending on how dangerous the mole looks. The procedure is pretty much the same, but you can expect a punch biopsy of any suspicious lesions. This will often leave a small white scar on your body.



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