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Mole Removal - Cosmetic Or Health Reasons

Mole Removal - Cosmetic Or Health Reasons

Author: Bart Icles


Mole removal could be an option for some individuals if it is for cosmetic reasons. For those individuals who suffer from cancerous moles, it becomes necessary to take action. Did you know that there are people who actually love their moles? Asians believe that their moles will bring them good fortune and wealth. The more moles you have, the better off you will be.

It doesnt matter if you want a mole removed for cosmetic or health reasons, the procedure for removing the mole is practically the same. I want to take a few minutes and lay out the procedure of removing a mole from your body.

You should always have your moles checked out at least once a year and have the dermatologist see if any of your moles look malignant. If you do have cancerous moles, your insurance policy will cover all of your expenses. You need to know that if you are removing a mole for cosmetic reasons, your insurance will not be able to cover any of your expenses.

There are a few ways that your dermatologist can perform a mole removal. The first and most common way to remove a mole is by excision and stitching. Your doctor would use a scalpel to cut off the mole and then stitch it all back together. The second way is by excision with cauterization. This is basically burning off the mole with electricity. The last way is by laser surgery. This type of surgery is the most thorough and is most appropriate for smaller moles. Its disadvantages are the high cost and the fact that a laser cannot penetrate the skin deep enough to take care of larger moles.

Moles that are labeled as benign dont really matter much or interfere with our daily lives. There is really no need to remove them and is much easier to live with them than remove them. If you self conscious about your small moles, there are special cosmetics that can be applied over the moles to conceal them.

I hope that this has given you a better idea of what mole removal is all about and on what to do if you are ever thinking about removing one or more of your moles. It truly all depends on what you want to do and which method you choose. Either way, it is very simple and pretty painless to remove a mole.

Moles can be dangerous to your health if you don\'t take care of them in a timely manner. Those that aren\'t dangerous just might be a little unattractive. These are two reasons why mole removal, specifically home mole removal is getting more popular every day. Visit No-Moles.com for more information about mole removal, natual wart removal and skin tag removal.



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